Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage Wedding Photography Additional Packages

Here at PEAK Image Studio's we only work with the best the photography industry has to offer, thats why after months of research & careful deliberation we are pleased to announce that we have decided to offer our valued customers the chance to work with the incredibly diverse & talented Mr Charles Twist 

Charles Twist creates traditional, black-and-white portraits with period lenses and a large bellows camera. He has collected lenses from every period between the 1850's and the modern day. Every one has a different character and imparts a genuine, vintage feel to the final picture.

Whether you are after an early Victorian feel or Hollywood glamour, whether you want Art Nouveau or Art Déco: Charles can help.

Charles handles all pictures Prints, travel and any additional costs are added without hike-up. We expect a full set of bride, groom, family and friends, with the different combinations, would amount to 12 or so shots. ie - £600

This is a great example of old photography brought back to life in this modern day world, artisic, reasonably priced & a great way to capture the feel of your special day. 

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